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3D Designs for Commercial Use

With All the tools you need to sell them


Commercial License


Marketing Content


Price-Quoting Tools


Business Support

Get Selling Rights
to Top 3D Designs

With all the marketing materials you'll ever need.


Grow Your 3D Printing Business

Access smart tools, personal support, and a global community of creators

"With Cubee, we grew our Etsy sales by 800%!"



Designed to Fit Your 3D Operation


Commercial Licensing Reimagined

Stand Out

Become one of only 50 authorized sellers worldwide.

Look Professional

Images, videos, and content, ready to use anywhere.

Cut Your Workload

Get powerful tools that will  increase your productivity.

Stop Flying Solo

Get personal assistance & access to our community.

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Sold Everywhere Using 

Sell on any platform fast, with minimum upfront investment,
no matter your size


Lidor, Owner of Echo Shop 3D

"My business grew by 700% during my first 3 months of using Cubee. I had to triple my manufacturing capabilities.

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Mark, Owner of Atlantis 3D Printing

"Cubee's wide product catalog has allowed me to easily find and offer a diverse range of products to my customers.


Peyton, Owner of

"Cubee's smart slicer & API greatly increased my productivity and made it easier than ever for users to get instant price quotes.


Mor, Owner of

"Cubee's smart slicer made my life a whole lot easier with an instant price quote and color selection. It cut my workload by half.

What Our Clients Say...

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- Beta Sale -


Hive Basic 

 Just $9

for first 3 months


Limited Seats

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Find the Right Plan for You

20% off yearly plans

*Disclaimer: "Hive +"/ "Unlimited" include a trust-based system for designer royalty payments (10% of sales) 

Gazza Promo

Only 50 Spots Available Per Premium Designer Catalog

Sell Gazzaladra, Only 12 licenses left. 


Stock Your Store

Use ready-made content to boost your credibility and list products in minutes 


Meet the Designers

We've partnered with some of the most talented creators from around the world, each with a unique style. Secure exclusive selling rights to your favorite.

High-End Brands, Made On-Demand, By You

Our Users Report a Fast Return On Investment - with the following:

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A monthly order of filaments at a discount price

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Also included in Hive+:

Cubee's Smart Slicer

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Power your site with 

✔️ Online slicer on your site

✔️ Instant pricing

✔️ Formats: stl, obj, 3mf
✔️ Files up to 100Mb

✔️ 100% yours, No redirect

✔️ No code needed

✔️ Tech support every step of the way

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Need help? We are here for you!


Cubee// The Helper Bee

I'll guide you through everything you need

Commercial License  for Your 3D Printer


plus+ so much more

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